The Beginning

Okay. Its 22:52 at the time of writing this. Drakes mixtape/album “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” accompanies my ears. It’s towards the later end of the piece where it is much slower. The calm music helps to get my creative juices flowing and the ideas racing through my mind. Enough of music, I could go on all day about that. I will do just not on this post.

Now marks the last hour of what has been a very typical April Fools Day. I woke up relatively late so I missed the frenzy of fake pregnancy posts and whatnot. If you were paying attention, you would’ve noticed the release date for my so-called mixtape was today. Yeah, released on April 1st. Other than that, today has been quite normal.

The idea of writing to an empty audience with hopes of somebody reading this is a weird feeling, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. The mouse on this laptop is so unresponsive. It feels as though it isn’t sensitive enough, but when I raise the sensitivity it feels too high. The best thing about writing on my own blog is that I can digress and nobody can have a go at me for it. Anyways, back on track, this is a big thing for me, having somebody see some of the things that go through my mind and sharing things online. But the idea of it seems fun. Plus, it helps me keep on top of my writing whilst I take a break from education. I suppose it can’t look too bad on a personal statement when applying to university to do English Language. Whilst this “blog” isn’t hidden, it isn’t made public for everyone to see because I suppose everybody will hold their own opinions when they see it.

“Look at this sad guy writing on a blog, who really cares”

But past experience taught me that you have to look past what people think and do what makes you happy. Now this is beginning to sound like some kind of motivational, inspirational, deep piece of writing and it really isn’t that. I would say the purpose of this thing you’re reading right now is just to break the ice of a “first post” before I barrage whoever’s interested with my thoughts on, basketball, music, games, life, people (no names ever mentioned on here) and everything in between. I’ll probably offend some people with the things I say but ah well that should be fun. You know how to contact me should that happen and I love speaking, so if I ever do, lets meet up and speak like adults. I really am going off topic and talking about anything and everything so now is probably a good place to conclude this. If you’re still reading this, you’re good.

Goodbye for now.



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