The lowest of low places. Small and dark. You’re on your own when you’re at this point. Darkness. Difficulty. Destruction. They say what hides in the darkness will soon come to light. But when you’re unaware of when the light at the end of the tunnel will reach it’s hard to hold on for the remainder of the journey. When you’re standing between the 4 walls of a very small room with all the time in the world, the thought of being alone can be a daunting one. But this isn’t always the case. You can open up and let others in, but when they’re in your personal space, your atmosphere, the pictures created on your canvas convey different emotions. Maybe you’re painting a positive picture to portray a different appeal to your present premonition, simply because it looks better on the outside. Or maybe you want the masterpiece to reflect your reality. The flow of time in this little room seems to be different from that of the rest of the universe. They say time flies when you’re having fun and during the harshest times, hours seem like minutes. But here, time has its own rules. It’s as though each second adds to the feeling of discomfort, after all, this is a very ominous place. You ask yourself “why can’t I leave” but you know full well you can’t. You are trapped here and you can’t leave prematurely. You’re aware that other people come and go when they please but you just can’t do the same. But that’s just the way of life. Everybody has their own journey, their own destination, their own purpose. You might cross paths with others – you might feel as though you’re on the same journey as others but that might not be the case. You might just be on the same path but both going to different destinations. Life is weird. You might even be going to the same destination as another person, but you’re taking a different path to them, and you will meet them at the top. But you might not. You might be led astray and fall off. You may be blinded by the light at the top, lose your way and end up on the wrong path. But who’s to say that new path is the wrong path? That’s right. Nobody. Nobody can explain the strange empty feeling in this vivid place. The abnormal energy in this discreet room makes you feel uneasy. At times you feel as though you’re falling. But how can you fall when you’re already at the bottom of a dark pit? At other times you feel as though you’re ascending. As though you’ve been dormant for such a long time and now is your time to shine. Like a Phoenix. You don’t mind being alone because you know when it’s time for you to reveal yourself to those outside this distinctive room all the eyes will be on you. The outside world will see you for who you are and you will be respected. During your period of ascendancy you’re more welcoming of those who enter here. You know that your path will take you to a better place than their path will take them. You have a warm smile on your face. The light at the end of the tunnel glows brighter and brighter as you ascend. You don’t allow yourself to be blinded because you remember just how long you’ve waited to be at the top. You won’t fall off. The flow of time is still fluctuating. It reflects on your heart rate. Something great is happening. Your palms are sweating and you’re breathing heavily. And just like that, you hear a ping. The elevator doors open and you can finally leave this small, cramped, confined room and embark on the rest of your journey and see what life truly does have to offer.



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