A Good Hand

We’re all dealt a hand of cards. In this game we play we don’t always know the role of each of the cards we receive. We don’t know which cards have been dealt to the other players, in fact we don’t even know the game in which we are playing. All we do know is that we have been dealt a card of hands and we must use them wisely.

Some of us receive a good hand, some of us aren’t as fortunate. But in this it is not about the cards you’re dealt it is about how you use them. The best of us can make the best situations out of the worst hands. The worst of us can be dealt the best hand and do nothing with them. It’s all about how you play the game.

Sometimes it’s necessary to be cunning – to make out as though we have a good hand when in reality we don’t. This a common trick. A common trick which usually involves deception, deceit and drama. Sometimes it’s necessary to bluff. To make out as though we have a bad hand even though we were graced with a perfect one.

It’s all fun and games until somebody calls our bluff and the pyramid of cards comes crashing down. When this happens, who are the real winners, those who deceived others into thinking they had a different hand, or those who stayed honest and won the game?

As the saying goes, it’s all about the cards you’re dealt.



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