“Just Words”

They say it’s “just words” and that they mean nothing. They say sticks and stones break bones… you know how the saying goes. But how about sticks and stones might break my bones but words will wear me down and damage me mentally, socially, emotionally. The list goes on. It goes without saying that we do underestimate the power of words.

Just think, Adolf Hitler used them to fuel hate in the Nazis whilst Martin Luther used his words to inspire black and white people to unite as one.

The same words that can be crafted into a dark but beautiful lie can also be used to deliver cold harsh truths. The same words that can build up a persons’ confidence and place them on a pedestal mean nothing to the one word that can take them straight off it and have them crashing down to the ground. The same words that decide one family can’t afford the cost of living, sign a person to massive amounts of wealth in a controversial manner. As they say, the pen is mightier than the sword.

When we open our mouths and utter words they leave much more of a mark than sticks and stones can do, however, the scars left aren’t always automatically visible to the eye. It isn’t always the physical damage that hurts us the most and this seems to be a taboo issue these days. If somebody fakes a smile, then they’re seen as “okay” in the eyes of society. But behind that smile could lie a permanent frown created by the words of another person. But, they say it’s “just words”



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