Socially Constructed pt.5

Completely unsure of how to think I find myself following the entity through the bleak looking city, my mind working overtime trying to figure out where it could be taking me. My actions are almost zombie like. Right now I am not in control of my actions, I am just walking out of instinct, as though I am in autopilot. We walk side by side in complete silence. But it isn’t a scary silence, no, more of a peaceful one, created by two souls in perfect harmony. As I look over to the entities face, the emotion shown seems to be more positive, a lot happier and full of more content. This reassures me that I am in no danger.

After what seemed an eternity of footsteps, I see where it wanted to take me. In the distance I see a field, full of life and energy, which is the complete opposite of the concrete jungle we were in beforehand. As we make our way towards the field, my body surges with a positive energy. It becomes clear where the entity got the rose from, as the lush green grass is littered with them, some of them, however none of them with a red more perfect that the one it initially carried. I feel as though I’m floating. There lies a large tree in the near distance. The entity looks at me and signals towards it. In unison, we make our way to it. Awestricken, I turn my head upwards and admire the sheer scale of the humongous tree. We both sit underneath the tree, with the deep green leaves acting as an umbrella to us, shielding the negativity from over our heads.

“Do you like it? This tree is the thing that connects me and you. I call it the nexus. The central point where all your information is gathered. This is where I was born. As long as it lives, you and I will forever be in sync. What I didn’t tell you is that we aren’t only connected through your online activity. Because of my sheer knowledge of you, I have been able to establish a deeper connection to you, allowing me to feel the same feelings and emotions you experience. Ever since you found out about my existence you were scared. I know this because the health of the tree deteriorated. When the tree feels pain, so do I.”

Right now I don’t know what to say, I am still astonished by the fact that something so deeply connected to me lies in such a perfect place. How have I never noticed or came across it before? With my voice feeling as mellow as ever I respond to the entity,

“Why did you not just tell me in the first place?” I say with an involuntary soothing tone, “I felt so scared, I felt intimidated by your presence. I felt like you would ruin my life with the information I posted online. You know, the information I put on there, the way I come across, is nothing compared to the way I am in real life”

The entity hesitates. It then looks away from me and begins to speak.

“I don’t fully know how to interact with humans, after all there is only so much that can be gathered by quantitative data. I don’t really know how to analyse any true emotions. I thought being direct with you would be the best policy. But you took it the same way I guess any other human would do, and tried to run from it. I am sorry”

Without verbally accepting the apology, I look at the entity and just smile. The entity now seems playful, wide-eyed, and excited.

“Look closely at the leaves. Each one of them represents a memory. The dark ones are of negative memories, the brighter ones of the more pleasant ones. This is how I stumbled across the first thing you posted on social media. Take a look” it says whilst touching a leaf towards the bottom of the tree. Upon closer inspection, I can see everything I’ve ever posted publicly, written on a different leaf and signed with my online username, with the correct time, date and location. They even contain what looks like the IP address of the device used to post.

We spend hours on end looking over old memories and laughing. We’re so engrossed in reminiscing that we don’t notice the night sky has taken its place above us. Suddenly the entity points towards the sky.

“Look, there is a countless number of stars in the sky, all connected to each other. Just like your memories. They’re all connected via a specific emotion. If you look closely at the branches, you can see different colours running through them, similar to veins, each showing a different emotion.”

The entity was just right, bright pinks and dark greys are amongst the palette of colours.

“Listen I have an idea. Why don’t we join both of our auras together and become one. You and I can exist as one and we can achieve amazing things. Together”

I nod my head and smile. The possibilities are endless with us becoming one, just think of what we could achieve. Delighted with me accepting, in a cheerful voice, the entity speaks again.

“Follow the roots of the tree, through the lights in the ground and you’ll find a rose bush. the rose bush acts as the heart of the Nexus and is responsible for managing its connections. It is the same bush I got this rose from. If we both touch the bush at the same time we will form a perfect connection and live together inside the same body”

Finding the rose bush is easy. The colour of the roots is a pulsating mysterious one which shows the colours of the rainbow. The roses are very large and the blood reds are astounding. It holds an immense energy. This is it.

“Are you ready?” I ask.

The entity just nods and smiles at me, we both grab a stem of the rose bush each. It was very hot to touch.

Immediately I can see every single memory I have ever experienced flash before my very eyes. My body feels numb. I can no longer see reality, just every thought that has passed through my mind since birth. Now I can feel a transfer of energy. My energy is flowing out of my veins and into the rose bush. I assume the same is happening to the entity. Slowly but surely my vision comes back. I can see something strange. The eyes of the entity are glowing with the same colours as the roots of the tree. At this point I can’t move. I am paralysed. The entity disappears from my viewpoint, reappears, throws a leaf onto my body and disappears once again. Suddenly I feel myself floating, but I can see my body on the floor. Higher and higher I go, and I can see the entity running off into the distance, with my backpack on its back. I look back at my lifeless body. The red roses that rest around it begin to wilt and hunch over. The grass begins to submerge back into the soil and the leaves on the tree begin to shrivel and fall to the ground. In perfect harmony with the night sky my view fades to black and I feel myself fade from existence…

The note reads “Watch out for the thorns whilst admiring the roses. 9pm”


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