Break from More Life

23rd March? I think that’s todays date. It’s 20:41 at the time of starting this. I just feel to write, for no specific reason, not just yet anyway so I’ll see where this takes me. Right now I’m taking a break from listening to More Life. For those who don’t know it’s a playlist by Drake that came out almost a week ago. That doesn’t mean I’m not listening to music though. Nas – Nas, debatably my favourite album, is playing through my Bluetooth speaker and I’ll probably get told to turn it down. I will touch upon that album later on. In conjunction to listening to this album I’m playing Infinite Warfare on the ps4. It’s good to have a couple of days off work and do my own thing. He says after cooking dinner for the family. And they say men can’t multitask. In all fairness I took a break because my connection was dire. Upon investigation I found out that my sister was watching something on Netflix so a significant proportion of the WIFI was being used on her.

This stage of my break from education has been treating me well. I feel it’s very productive. Last night I was up late creating music on Fruit Loops Studio and after frustration caused me to quit I found myself falling asleep watching tutorial videos on how to replicate the styles of certain artists. Drake, Kanye West and J Cole just to name a few. It goes without saying my goal was to wake up and get back to work. So inevitably, when I woke up I found myself pulling my laptop out from under my bed, connecting the mouse and MIDI keyboard and putting to use some of the techniques I learned last night. After fiddling around with the millions of knobs, sounds and plugins the software had to offer I realised I had spent a couple of hours without much to show for. Yet still I felt satisfied. There’s something about minor progression to an unknown end goal that makes me feel happy. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Speaking of which, “Socially Constructed” was a significant achievement for me in my personal life. Creating a concept that was envisioned in my head, and allowing others to experience it is something I have always wanted to do. The fact that the feedback was good and people enjoyed it inspires me to work on other things. After all, it sharpens my mind for September when I will be studying English Language in university. As a little side note for those who read parts 1 through 5 of “Socially Constructed” part 4 was written to Kanye Wests album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. Well, from the beginning to Devil in a Red Dress. The final part was written to Runaway, which has become my favourite song. The album really inspired me to finish the story because in all honesty, I had lost interest and all motivation by the time I had gotten to part 3.

Right, an idea has popped into my head and I’m off to make something of it. Watch this space.


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