Supply & Demand

So there I was, waiting. It was a Wednesday morning. 12th April 2017 at about 9:15 AM. I didn’t mind waiting even though it was freezing and I was a quarter of an hour early. For what it’s worth I didn’t mind waiting because I had Drake on shuffle so I was kept entertained.

However it got to a point where the music was playing in my ears but I wasn’t focused or listening to it. My attention was drawn to something else. Something strange. Something peculiar. I noticed I wasn’t the only one waiting, in fact there were about a dozen people all waiting for presumably the same thing as me. Well not the same thing as me but they were there for similar reasons.

I knew their reasons were different because on closer inspection they didn’t look like their intentions were the same. I know it isn’t open minded to judge people based on their appearance but at this moment in time I’m just saying what I saw. They looked as though they were being deprived of something. Something they were desperate for. Something they couldn’t live without and something that was absolutely necessary for them to have. People were starting to look agitated as we drew closer to 9:30, the time we were all meant to be seen to. As the clock on my phone struck 9:31 the crowd began to check their watches and pace around in frustration. It was clear they didn’t want to be kept waiting for whatever it was they were waiting for.

There’s me, one person amongst a crowd yet I feel as though I’m not a part of the crowd. I knew my reasons for being here were different simply because my body language was different. I was more laid back and not phased by the fact we were kept waiting. By this point I had turned my music off and was in full observation of my surroundings. They were not only pacing around but going towards the windows and looking through. Probably only to find disappointment when the only thing they’d see would’ve been their own reflections staring back at them due to the lights inside the building being turned off. People did seem almost zombie like with their actions and I could see that they were fully dependent upon the reason they were stood outside in the cold, early doors on a Wednesday morning.

At about 9:36. The doors opened and we were all greeted by a woman in a suit. A smile plastered on her face, she held the door open for everybody and each person from the crowd hastily made their way into the doors, and queued up in an orderly fashion, almost relieved that they no longer had to wait in the cold. But what could’ve been so important that they persevered?

I’ll tell you the answer to that question. The fact that we were waiting outside a bank and banks are our access to the one thing that we have such a dependency on. The bankers essentially become our dealers and when we don’t have access to money our lives change drastically. We go to such lengths to get our hands on some of their product that we may end up acting irrationally. If we can’t get it legally we turn to illegal methods to gain it. I’m sure if it was throwing it down that morning the people still would’ve waited patiently.

The saying “money makes the world go round” can be interpreted in many ways but it speaks many truths. The need for money isn’t the issue. The need for the things money can buy is. We need money for pretty much every aspect of life. Survival and pleasure. Want and need. When you factor the limited ways it can be obtained legally, and the fact that a large number of factors prevent that you see how easily it is to be left with few options. Either try and survive without it, or turn to illegal means to get some. Either way is frowned upon by society.

When you can’t get a job because of a lack of education or experience what do you do? When it’s a factor you can’t control what do you do? Either become the “dirty homeless” or the “filthy criminal”

If you can obtain it legally then hats off to you. But then what happens when you factor all the lifestyle features that cost money? Mortgage. Bills. General needs. Debt. Even with money, there is still stress associated with it. The stress of needing more money. Those with money worry about it just as much as those who don’t have it. There’s a cost of living and that price will always be too high.


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