You hear about these things in games. You hear about these things in films. You hear about these things happening in other countries and it touches a nerve. But when you hear about these things happening in the city in which you’ve spent your whole life in, the city in which your family calls home, the city where all your loved ones reside, it causes fear and confusion to consume us.

Hearing about those who lost their lives is staggering. No life should be taken in such a way. The realisation that children and teenagers lost their lives last night in Manchester brings so much sorrow to our hearts. They were innocent and didn’t deserve what happened to them. It is sickening that they had to die before their time. It is revolting that life for some families will never be the same. It’s disgusting how these casualties will be left as a permanent scar on so many people’s memories. For those fortunate to have left unharmed, it should’ve been a night to remember for them. But last night has rapidly turned into a night that they will be trying to erase from their thoughts. Parents are left with the sickening realisation that their lives will never be the same. A lot more than just parents are affected. Friends, loved ones and even people that didn’t personally know those laid to rest are left to ponder upon such worrying facts.

Amongst all the sadness, sorrow, fear, confusion and mourning, lies feelings of anger, hatred and distress. It is what Manchester is doing with these emotions that brings hope to a challenged city. Across the population, there are people doing all they can to be of an assistance to anybody that requires it. There is a lengthy queue of people willing to donate blood, there are those who offered a place to stay to anybody who was left stranded in the city centre due to the events of last night. Last night there was even a woman who rallied over fifty children who were left exposed in town without their parents. Other hotels across the city followed suit and did the same, providing contact details for those who are still looking for lost ones. Throughout social media, people are showing their concern with “Pray For Manchester” being the phrase commonly used. Political figures and role models are sharing their views on the occurrence and showing their support for those who need it. These are just a few of the blessings being provided by people that make these tough times that little bit more bearable.

Whether they’re from Manchester or not, everybody who knows what happened last night was affected by it and is doing their part to try and amend the city. One of the positive (and I use that word cautiously) things that has come from such a dreadful time, is that the people of Manchester have showcased that they can unite and become one. It’s what we do in times like this that define us. Us people of Manchester will bounce back from this tough time and not become overcome with the negative emotions that circulate this passionate city. We will continue to be strong. We will continue to pray for Manchester.



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