Culture or Class?

He laces his Jordans up with pride and places his jeans over the top of the shoe. 

He slips his suede loafers on, a gap between the shoe and the pants. 

He puts his icy chain over the top of his distressed hoodie.

He fastens his Rolex under the sleeve of his pressed, fitted silk shirt.

He prefers his music with a punchy kick and a deep bass.

He reckons vocals should be the most prevalent part of the song.

He thinks going to concerts are sick.

He really enjoys the atmosphere inside the theatre.

His idea of fun consists of chills with his boys.

He prefers a glass of wine with his accomplices.

“yo, you good bro?” he asks with a face of stone.

Hello there, how are you today?” he asks with a face as soft as wax.

He is often referred to as arrogant.

He doesn’t go a day without being called a snob.

He thinks his culture defines him as an individual.

He thinks his class plays a key role in who he chooses to be.


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Music and Creativity

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