Yeah, but what if?

They say that for every action we take, there is an infinite amount of outcomes. Just think.

You’re planning to go somewhere one day. You plan to wake up early and take a train to another city. Once you get to the other city you plan to go to the centre of the busiest place. Once you get there you plan on looking closely at the people you see and observing their body language. You plan to find somebody. You plan to find somebody who notices you amongst the crowd of people, noticing them. Once you do this you’re free to go home having completed what you set out to achieve.

Okay, so imagine you get to this place and see nobody. That’s one outcome, your plan would’ve been ruined. Imagine you get there and you see somebody with a face full of sorrow. Their face is only full of sorrow because they never got to see their child walk for the first time because they spent time in jail for a crime they never did. The look on their face makes you take pity upon them. You might change your whole plan to go out of your way to help that person. Okay. Suppose the unfortunate thing happens and the train derails before you even make it to your destination. The train only derailed because a man lost his job and the realisation that he would have no money made him question living, so he stepped onto the track. That would be tragic. Suppose the train station is closed. The train station is only closed because the traffic on the motorway stopped the train station manager from reaching the station on time. Then what? Or suppose you don’t set an alarm and you don’t wake up on time, you miss the train, and don’t end up travelling this city and you don’t end up meeting anybody. You only forgot to set an alarm because you were preoccupied with reading something online before you fell asleep with the phone in your hand.

Let’s make things even weirder. Imagine you do wake up on time. Let’s imagine the person who oversees the opening the train station takes a different route to work and misses the traffic and is on time as well, and as a result of that, the train station is opened. Let’s imagine, the same suicidal person I mentioned before, narrowly avoids being struck by your train, which would’ve resulted in a major casualty and could’ve caused the train to derail, but because they avoided being hit, your train makes it safely to the new city. Let’s suppose you’re stood observing the behaviour of people, as planned. But let’s suppose, amongst the sea of people coming your way, the person you set out to see is there. However, they don’t see you because they’re rushing towards the same train station you came from because they received a phone call from a suicidal friend who came to their senses seconds before stepping in front of the very same train you arrived on.

Wouldn’t that be a coincidence? But is it a coincidence or is it fate? How do we know whether meeting this person would’ve been a good thing? Meeting this person could’ve brought masses of stress into your life. It could’ve done the complete opposite. But just imagine the idea of travelling to the other city never came into your mind. Everything I just wrote in that hypothetical situation wouldn’t have even crossed your path on that day, opening the way for something completely different to have happened. It’s the randomness of life that is the real beauty. Factoring in how the minor decisions other people make can affect our lives can be incomprehensible. Our paths are all intertwined. Just think of all the other things you could’ve done in the short space of time it took you to read this.



“Just Words”

They say it’s “just words” and that they mean nothing. They say sticks and stones break bones… you know how the saying goes. But how about sticks and stones might break my bones but words will wear me down and damage me mentally, socially, emotionally. The list goes on. It goes without saying that we do underestimate the power of words.

Just think, Adolf Hitler used them to fuel hate in the Nazis whilst Martin Luther used his words to inspire black and white people to unite as one.

The same words that can be crafted into a dark but beautiful lie can also be used to deliver cold harsh truths. The same words that can build up a persons’ confidence and place them on a pedestal mean nothing to the one word that can take them straight off it and have them crashing down to the ground. The same words that decide one family can’t afford the cost of living, sign a person to massive amounts of wealth in a controversial manner. As they say, the pen is mightier than the sword.

When we open our mouths and utter words they leave much more of a mark than sticks and stones can do, however, the scars left aren’t always automatically visible to the eye. It isn’t always the physical damage that hurts us the most and this seems to be a taboo issue these days. If somebody fakes a smile, then they’re seen as “okay” in the eyes of society. But behind that smile could lie a permanent frown created by the words of another person. But, they say it’s “just words”


A Good Hand

We’re all dealt a hand of cards. In this game we play we don’t always know the role of each of the cards we receive. We don’t know which cards have been dealt to the other players, in fact we don’t even know the game in which we are playing. All we do know is that we have been dealt a card of hands and we must use them wisely.

Some of us receive a good hand, some of us aren’t as fortunate. But in this it is not about the cards you’re dealt it is about how you use them. The best of us can make the best situations out of the worst hands. The worst of us can be dealt the best hand and do nothing with them. It’s all about how you play the game.

Sometimes it’s necessary to be cunning – to make out as though we have a good hand when in reality we don’t. This a common trick. A common trick which usually involves deception, deceit and drama. Sometimes it’s necessary to bluff. To make out as though we have a bad hand even though we were graced with a perfect one.

It’s all fun and games until somebody calls our bluff and the pyramid of cards comes crashing down. When this happens, who are the real winners, those who deceived others into thinking they had a different hand, or those who stayed honest and won the game?

As the saying goes, it’s all about the cards you’re dealt.



The lowest of low places. Small and dark. You’re on your own when you’re at this point. Darkness. Difficulty. Destruction. They say what hides in the darkness will soon come to light. But when you’re unaware of when the light at the end of the tunnel will reach it’s hard to hold on for the remainder of the journey. When you’re standing between the 4 walls of a very small room with all the time in the world, the thought of being alone can be a daunting one. But this isn’t always the case. You can open up and let others in, but when they’re in your personal space, your atmosphere, the pictures created on your canvas convey different emotions. Maybe you’re painting a positive picture to portray a different appeal to your present premonition, simply because it looks better on the outside. Or maybe you want the masterpiece to reflect your reality. The flow of time in this little room seems to be different from that of the rest of the universe. They say time flies when you’re having fun and during the harshest times, hours seem like minutes. But here, time has its own rules. It’s as though each second adds to the feeling of discomfort, after all, this is a very ominous place. You ask yourself “why can’t I leave” but you know full well you can’t. You are trapped here and you can’t leave prematurely. You’re aware that other people come and go when they please but you just can’t do the same. But that’s just the way of life. Everybody has their own journey, their own destination, their own purpose. You might cross paths with others – you might feel as though you’re on the same journey as others but that might not be the case. You might just be on the same path but both going to different destinations. Life is weird. You might even be going to the same destination as another person, but you’re taking a different path to them, and you will meet them at the top. But you might not. You might be led astray and fall off. You may be blinded by the light at the top, lose your way and end up on the wrong path. But who’s to say that new path is the wrong path? That’s right. Nobody. Nobody can explain the strange empty feeling in this vivid place. The abnormal energy in this discreet room makes you feel uneasy. At times you feel as though you’re falling. But how can you fall when you’re already at the bottom of a dark pit? At other times you feel as though you’re ascending. As though you’ve been dormant for such a long time and now is your time to shine. Like a Phoenix. You don’t mind being alone because you know when it’s time for you to reveal yourself to those outside this distinctive room all the eyes will be on you. The outside world will see you for who you are and you will be respected. During your period of ascendancy you’re more welcoming of those who enter here. You know that your path will take you to a better place than their path will take them. You have a warm smile on your face. The light at the end of the tunnel glows brighter and brighter as you ascend. You don’t allow yourself to be blinded because you remember just how long you’ve waited to be at the top. You won’t fall off. The flow of time is still fluctuating. It reflects on your heart rate. Something great is happening. Your palms are sweating and you’re breathing heavily. And just like that, you hear a ping. The elevator doors open and you can finally leave this small, cramped, confined room and embark on the rest of your journey and see what life truly does have to offer.